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Jackson Community Foundation Scholarships

Do You Need Money for College?

The Jackson Community Foundation awards a variety of scholarships to graduating seniors from Jackson County high schools and other Jackson County residents who are attending college.  In 2014, we awarded over $197,000 in competitive academic scholarships and Jackson Legacy Scholarships.

Deadline Date

Applicants can apply on-line beginning November 1. Scholarship applications are due by 5 PM on 

March 2, 2015.  You must submit your application 

on-line and submit all attachments and your entire scholarship package in one envelope by the due date.


Scholarship Application Details

With one application, you can apply for up to five scholarships. As you prepare to complete the application, please do the following:


Read through the scholarship descriptions on our website and determine which five scholarships best match your experiences, academic background and future goals.

Please Note: The Jackson Legacy Scholarship, the Bernice Barabash Sports Scholarship, the Olive Merlin & Jacqueline Dulworth Building Trades Scholarship, and the Myer & Lois Franklin Scholarship each have their own separate applications. Applying for these scholarships will not count toward the five scholarships for which you can apply on the JCF competitive, academic scholarship application.

Be prepared to justify why you are eligible for each of the scholarships for which you apply.

Provide one letter from a school-related person such as a teacher, counselor, principal, etc. Provide one letter from a coach, employer, neighbor, or someone who knows you on a personal basis. You should choose people who can write about your character, performance, and personal attributes. (Letters from family members will not be accepted.)

If you apply for the Thought 1 Scholarship, at least one of your letters of recommendation must describe how cancer has impacted your life.

Please review the "Instructions for Applicants and Letter Writers."

If you are currently attending high school/college, the transcript must include the most recent Fall semester. The name of the high school or college/university must appear on the transcript.


Prepare to respond to the essay questions which will address your personal and academic accomplishments, leadership, future goals, volunteer and service activities, employment, hobbies, and how you intend to incorporate philanthropy in your life during and beyond your academic career.

Frequently Asked Questions

For answers to our most frequently asked question about scholarships, please click here.


General Scholarship 

Eligibility Requirements

These requirements are applicable to all scholarships offered through the Jackson Community Foundation. Eligibility requirements and selection criteria specific to each scholarship are listed with each scholarship description.

  • Graduating senior from a Jackson County high school or a Jackson County, Michigan resident.
  • Accepted to or currently attending an accredited college or university or vocational/technical institute.
  • All scholarships may be used for tuition and fees only unless otherwise specified.

JCF Scholarship Categories

QUICK REFERENCE:List of all Scholarship Names, Eligibility Criteria and Scholarship Amounts

Automotive Services & Technology


Building Trades



  • ADCO
  • Allegiance Health
  • MACI

Engineering & Manufacturing

Health Care & Nursing

High School Specific


Jackson Legacy Scholarship

Myer & Lois Franklin Scholarship

Teacher Education


Valedictorians & Salutatorians


Various Majors / Fields of Study 

About the Selection Process

In order to ensure the scholarship selection process is fair and unbiased, all scholarship selection committee members review applications in which the applicant’s name and other identifying information has been removed.

Selection is based on how well the applicant aligns with the eligibility criteria, his or her response to application questions and written essays, and the information provided in the transcripts and letters of recommendation.

JCF Online Scholarship Application

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