Monica Moser
Monica Moser

President & CEO

Lori Grace
Lori Grace

Finance Director

Lisa McDaniel
Lisa McDaniel

Marketing & Communications

Dana Ashlock
Dana Ashlock

Program Director

Kelly Froedtert
Kelly Froedtert

Executive Assistant and Office Manager

Cindy Bellew
Cindy Bellew

Youth Advisory Committee and Scholarship Coordinator

Board of Trustees

Email Addresses:         


Monica Moser

Lori Grace


Lisa McDaniel


Dana Ashlock

Kelly Froedtert


Cindy Bellew




John Butterfield
John Butterfield

John Butterfield Jack V. Butterfield Investment Co.


Paul Buchholz President Ganton Retirement Centers

Tobin Dunigan
Tobin Dunigan

Tobin Dunigan V.P. of Business Strategy R.W. Mercer, Co.

5R9A2513 (1)
5R9A2513 (1)

Sarah Ermatinger VP Marketing CP Federal Credit Union

Michelle Fowler
Michelle Fowler

Michelle Fowler CPA, Partner Rehmann Robson

Carys Freund
Carys Freund

Carys Freund Student, Youth Advisory Committee member

jeremy frew
jeremy frew

Jeremy Frew, Vice President Jackson College

Frank Lusebrink, Jr.
Frank Lusebrink, Jr.

Frank Lusebrink, Jr. Financial Advisor Meridian Wealth Management

Jeff Karmol
Jeff Karmol

Jeff Karmol Retired Finance Executive Gerdeau

RCM Headshot
RCM Headshot

Rick Mills Attorney, Marcoux Allen


Victoria Moore Electrical Engineer, Consumers Energy Corp.

Patterson, Sheila
Patterson, Sheila

Sheila Patterson Administrative Operations, Consumers Energy

Randy Purvis
Randy Purvis

Randy Purvis CPA Rehmann Robson


Sarah Richmond President Dawn Foods Foundation


Megan Sternisha Student, Youth Advisory Committee member

Sheldon, Tovah
Sheldon, Tovah

Tovah Sheldon, Jackson County Intermediate School District


Carl Spaeth Corporate Credit Manager Alro Steel Corp.

Rennell 8x12
Rennell 8x12

Renell Weathers, Community Engagement Director, Michigan League for Public Policy

Angela Wetherby
Angela Wetherby

Angela Wetherby, Attorney, Inosencio & Fisk

JCF Emeritus Trustees


Since 1948, JCF has had the pleasure of being served by countless individuals who have given of their time, talents, and knowledge to create a foundation that continually gives back to its community.  The Foundation thanks the following people for helping to make JCF what it is today:

Charles E. Anderson

Harold F. Andrews

A. H. Aymond

Charles H. Aymond

Maxwell F. Badgley

Robert W. Ballentine

Carl J. Benes

Leland S. Bisbee, Jr.

Dorothy M. Blakely

Louise G. Blanchard

L. C. Bootes

Jerry B. Booth

Douglas L. Burdick

Anne Campau

Collins L. Carter

Karen Chaprnka

Robert L. Condon

Debbie Craft

Carolyn Crocheronin

Dena A. Dardzinski

Rick Davies

Betsy J. Dolan

Clifford H. Domke

Charles E. Drury

Paul A. Elbert

John B. Elwood

Carl L. English

Charles J. Falahee

Richard B. Firestone

Georgia R. Fojtasek

Travis Fojtasek

Gerald N. Franklin

Carrie Glick

James S. Grace

H. Ron Griffith

John Gruel

Robert W. Hancock

Donna L. Hardy

Patricia B. Harris

Edwin C. Hetherwick



Dennis A. Hill

Anthony P. Hurst

Peter F. Hurst

Bruce Inosencio

Miles E. Jones

Aaron B. Kantor

Dan E. Karn

Ned A. Kilmer, Jr.

Gary L. Krupa

Kevin T. Lavery, M.D

Carlene Walz Lefere

Norman E. Leslie

Raynard C. Lincoln

Ted MacCready

Gerald J. McDevitt, Jr.

Don T. McKone, Jr.

Don T. McKone, Sr.

Dr. Dennis E. Means

Marty Hansen Mercer

Phil Moilanen

Jim Miller

James Mortell

R. Dale Moretz

Beverly Natschke

Clara D. Noble

Kevin Oxley

Harry W. Pardee

Kathy Patrick

Ueal E. Patrick

Travis W. Pearse, Sr.

Dr. Daniel Phelan

Dorothy M. Rand

Cindy Rider

Miguel L. Rodriguez, Jr.

Mark K. Rosenfeld

Clarence M. Russell

John Russell

Carl M. Saunders

Susan J. Schaffer

Stuart M. Schram

Hendrik Schuur




Frederick W. Schwier

John D. Selby

James Serino

William A. Sigmund

John Simpson

Carl F. Spaeth, Jr.

Carl F. Spaeth, Sr.

Harry G. Sparks

Marilyn F. Stephen

Gloria B. Stevens

W. Roy Taylor

Donald M. Teer

Paula M. Teer

Max Videto

Richard L. Walicki

Geraldine M. Walker

Ric Walton

Peter A. Weatherwax

Justin R. Whiting

James F. Winter

Edward J. Woods

Susan Wrzesinski

Former Youth Advisory

Committee (YAC) Trustees:

Michael Funkhouser

Nate Lavery

George Campau

Chris Spencer

Emmah Bashir

Colin Glick

Phoebe VanHeyningen