Collective Impact Grants

This opportunity will be available until Wednesday, September 30, 2020 or until all funds have been awarded, whichever comes first.


If you believe you qualify, please contact Dana Ashlock, Program Director at 517-787-1321 or

Collective Impact grants support the work of the Jackson Collaborative Network which is a network of more than 400 community partners working together to improve the health and well-being of all Jackson County residents. The network has three specific areas of focus: health improvement, education and economic stability. These efforts are united by a commitment to shared values and an emphasis on creating lasting, sustainable change that addresses the root causes of issues, resulting in improved outcomes for all residents.

This multi-sector partnership has developed steadily over more than a decade, growing and adapting as conditions within the community change. Collectively, network partners hold themselves and others accountable for behaving in adherence to shared values of equity, authentic engagement and continuous learning. These values guide behavior within partner organizations, among network partners and within the community, in pursuit of an aligned network of engaged partners that provide ever-improving services that respond quickly to change.

2019  Recipients

Health Improvement Organization/Maternal and Child Health Action Team: Birth Disparities $29,078.00

Collaborative Council/Cross-Cultural Conversations Workgroup: Cross-Cultural Conversation Workshops $14,160.00

Financial Stability Network/Decriminalization of Poverty Strategic Doing Group: Expungement $23,755.00


Cradle 2 Career/Great Start Collaborative:Trusted Advisors $54,880.00

Collaborative Council/Community Engagement Team Tutorial Video:  How to Authentically Engage Community Members $6,100.00

Collaborative Council/Youth Net: Youth Net $38,661.00

TOTAL $166,634.00

Jackson Community Foundation

100 S. Jackson Street, Suite 206B

Jackson, Michigan 49201

Ph: (517) 787-1321


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