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Communities in Action: Grant Opportunities for
Grass Roots Community Organizations

*If you believe you qualify, please contact

Dana Ashlock at to schedule an appointment.

DEADLINE: March 4th through September 30th, 2024, or until all funds have been awarded - whichever comes first.  

PURPOSE:  To support the determination and passion of Jackson County’s grassroots, “boots on the ground,” community-based organizations, neighborhood groups, etc. that help residents actively join together to improve their city block, neighborhood, or community.


ELIGIBILITY:  Grassroots, community-based organizations, or neighborhood groups that meet several of the following criteria:


  • Have a specific connection to a city block, neighborhood, park or rural community.


  • Most of the work is done not only for the people involved but also by them, with little or no paid staff.


  • Work is done without a big budget or other large resource reservoirs.


  • Might not have 501(c)3 nonprofit status. (Applicants that don't have 501(c)3 nonprofit status will be required to use a fiduciary/fiscal sponsor). 


  • Might be temporary. 


  • Might be focused on a single issue or task.


  • The group's purpose is to strengthen and build community by:​

    • Bringing people together who are typically separated by barriers (e.g. race, economic status, disability, age, etc.) and thereby create a stronger sense of cohesion and inclusiveness within our community.​

    • Benefiting populations that have historically had challenges accessing resources, with particular consideration given to proposals that benefit people of color and children in poverty.​

    • Supporting community-building events, particularly events that build a sense of community pride and identity.

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