Community Collective Impact

The Jackson Community Foundation has embraced the Collective Impact model and other supports like Adaptive Leadership trainings and the ABLe Change framework for resident engagement. We believe that only through collective and active participation across sectors and authentic resident engagement will we have a chance to see system change efforts succeed.

JACKSON COUNTY CRADLE TO CAREER NETWORK - Connecting Education and Employment


In 2011 the Jackson Community Foundation served as a convener of 5 different education-related community workgroups to implement the Collective Impact model and work with the Michigan College Access Network to implement a Local College Access Network. Today, the Foundation serves as the fiduciary of the Jackson County Cradle to Career Network (C2C), a dynamic, community partnership of diverse stakeholders committed to working together, one vision, common values and making a serious impact on our children's education and our county's economy. C2C is taking on the challenge of preparing our children for the new global economy. With a common mission and core values, the C2C will be a unifying force in building a workforce ready for success...ready for the world!


C2C is making an impact through Action Teams that focus on measurable goals. The Action Teams align with milestones along the "Cradle to Career" road to success:

  • Early Childhood Success Action Team

  • Elementary School Success Action Team

  • Middle School Success Action Team

  • High School Success Action Team

  • Post-Secondary Success Action Team


C2C is open to everyone - parents, volunteers, teachers, organizations, businesses, service agencies, etc.
To join an action team today or for more information about C2C, go to                                                                                                        or contact Irene LeCrone, C2C Coordinator at

THE HEALTH IMPROVEMENT ORGANIZATION (HIO) - Rethinking Health for Our Community


We envision a culture of continuous health improvement in our community. The Health Improvement Organization (HIO) was founded by Allegiance Health in 2000 to improve the health status of the community through a compact among patients, physicians, employers, the health system and the health plan.  The Jackson Community Foundation has been a partner, serving on the HIO Coordinating Council and working collaboratively to support the network’s efforts.


In 2006, the Health Improvement Organization adopted a new governance structure, vision and principles based on a year-long re-visioning process.  This led to the creation of our HIO Coordinating Council. 


The HIO Coordinating Council is a multi-disciplinary stakeholder’s group led by Allegiance Health with representation from local government, public health, health care, health and human service agencies and nonprofits, school districts, health plans, mental health, employers and the faith community.  The HIO CC now functions as the community stakeholder planning committee of Allegiance Health’s Health Improvement Organization Board Committee, Jackson County’s Health Communities strategic plan, the United Way of Jackson’s Health Community Solutions Team and the Health Strand of the Jackson 2020 initiative.  This coordination of efforts across community leaders in health allows for unprecedented alignment of goals and resources, as well as the creation of a strong community platform for advocacy.  Click here to see the HIO’s action plan.   


For more information about the Health Improvement Organization, visit



The vision of the Financial Stability Network is one in which all people in Jackson County are financially stable and secure with abundant assets and adequate opportunities for growth. We believe bringing this vision to fruition will require FSN members to meet the mission of growing a vibrant economy and financially stable community for all Jackson County residents. The Financial Stability Network Coordinating Council meets once per month and has established multiple workgroups that are also meeting around specific topics. These topics currently include Housing, the Decriminalization of Poverty, and Employment.


For more information, visit their Facebook page at Jackson County Financial Stability Network.

Community Catalyst

NONPROFIT NETWORK – Strengthening Nonprofit Governance & Management 


The mission of the Nonprofit Network is to strengthen nonprofit governance and management in Jackson County. The Nonprofit Network began as a direct result of the Jackson Community Foundation’s responsiveness to the expressed needs and desires of Jackson’s nonprofits.  Today it is a growing and thriving nonprofit organization serving not just Jackson County nonprofits, but nonprofits across the region.
Since Nonprofit Network opened its doors in 1999, it has acted as a community collaborator and point of coordination for gathering and disseminating information pertinent to nonprofits. The Nonprofit Network further assists the nonprofit community through providing specialized management and governance development services including workshops, organizational assessments, consulting, and board member recruitment, matching and training.


For more information about the Nonprofit Network, visit 

​COLLEGE AND CAREER ACCESS CENTER – Navigating the Pathway to Your Success


The goal of improving access to higher education became a priority when the Jackson Community Foundation unveiled The Jackson Legacy Program in 2008. In order to bring college access awareness to Jackson County residents, the Jackson College & Career Access Center opened its doors to the community in May 2008, assisting both traditional and non-traditional students in attaining their education and career goals.  Today, the College & Career Access Center is a separate nonprofit organization that supports local school districts in improving student success by ensuring students are prepared to go to college, know how to navigate the college access process, and have the financial means to go. The College & Career Access Center welcomes visitors with the purpose of encouraging and informing students that post-secondary education is possible, under all circumstances and to prepare them for post-secondary education, and ultimately to enter the workforce.  Access advisors participate in college planning events with school districts providing students and parents with resources for career planning, scholarships, and financial aid. 


For more information about the College & Career Access Center, visit 


Community Collaboration



The purpose of the newly formed South Central Advocates and Leaders for Police and Community Trust ( ALPACT)  is to examine issues affecting police and community relations and ensure equitable enforcement of laws, including: racial profiling, police discretion, use of force, recruitment and training, citizen complaint processes, community partnering, and police leadership and management disciplinary practices.  This collaborative meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 10:00 AM at Baker College of Jackson.



Is a group of nonprofits, government, and faith based groups that meet on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at the United Way Center. This coalition is an informal group that discuss needs in the community and the ever changing sources of assistance that is available for those in need.  For more information about the Emergency Needs Coalition, visit


HUMAN SERVICE COORDINATING ALLIANCE – Ensuring a system of support for members of our community

The Human Service Coordinating Alliance (HSCA) is Jackson County's only director level collaborative among social service organizations.  Please observe our associated and member organizations page to get a well-rounded understanding of who is regularly involved. 


Overall, our mission is to ensure a system of support for members of our community.  In other words, leaders of the community gather together regularly to discuss how to provide and deliver the best human services possible to our community with the belief that we are stronger and more effective working together. Our goal is to improve collaboration and coordination amongst community support organizations.  The value and intent of the HSCA is to serve as a leader to the human services community as a "one roof" in an effort to coordinate/facilitate sufficient delivery and improve access to services within a person centered framework. 


The HSCA meets the 4th Monday of each month at noon in the Jackson County Human Services Building, 2nd Floor conference Room at 1715 Lansing Avenue, Jackson. For more information about the Human Service Coordinating Alliance, visit

Community Service


Monica Moser, President & CEO, is a new member of the Jackson County Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. The Jackson County Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit association of businesses and non-profits, committed to strengthening their businesses and the Jackson Community. With a proud history reaching back to 1909, the Jackson County Chamber of Commerce supports its members through promotion, advocacy, collaboration, networking events and education. For more information about the Jackson County Chamber of Commerce, please visit



Dana Ashlock, Program Director, has been a member of the Jackson Business and Professional Women (BPW) since 2012. She served as the President from 2014-2016. BPW is an innovative organization of working women that provides leadership opportunities for personal and professional growth along with opportunities to create change in your workplace and community. This diverse group is made up of seasoned and young professionals and includes business owners, executive directors and entrepreneurs. You’ll find their members at Allegiance Hospital, Baker College, Lloyd Ganton Retirement Centers, the Chamber of Commerce and the Jackson Community Foundation. Members are active leaders in the community and can be found supporting dozens of Jackson’s fine nonprofit organizations. BPW Members participate in Equal Pay Day and the Salvation Army Red Kettle Drive. We provide scholarships to support professional growth and development for women. The Vision is to partner to create successful workplaces for women, their families and employers. The Mission is to empower working women to achieve their full potential and partners with employers to build successful workplaces through education, research, knowledge and policy. For more information about the Jackson Business and Professional Women, please visit



Dana Ashlock, Program Director, has been serving on the FSN Coordinating Council since 2016.


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