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Community Needs Grant Awards

Grass Lake Play structure
Habitat for Humanity
The Big Seed
Friends of Jackson Seniors
Regular Controlled Burns
Junior Achievement
Cascades Park
Clark Lake Spirit Trail

2016 Round 1 - Community Grant Awards Under $5,000 (Organization, Program and Amount Awarded)


All American City of Youth, Technical Assistance - $144.00


AWARE, Inc., Data Collection Software - $14,000.00


Community Action Agency, Baby Bench Cards - $2,625.00 from the Kellogg Foundation Youth Advisory Committee Endowment Fund


Family Service & Children's Aid, Juvenile Diversion and Truancy Prevention Program - $6,500.00


Friends of Recovery Court, Start-Up for Friends of Recovery - $15,000.00


Grand River Environmental Action Team (GREAT), Equipment Storage Building Construction - $10,000.00


Great Start Collaborative, Imagination Library of Jackson County - $10,000.00


Jackson Friendly Home, JFH Asbestos Abatement Project - $5,000.00


Jackson Housing Commission, Youth Leadership Council - $2,200.00


Lily Missions Center, Arts & Culture Project - $3,750.00.  In addition, $1,250.00 from Kellogg Foundation Youth Advisory Committee Endowment Fund


Michigan Shakespeare Festival, The Killer Angels - $2,800.00


Michigan Theatre of Jackson, Jackson Youth Performance Program - $2,000.00.  In addition, $2,000.00 from the Kellogg Foundation Youth Advisory Committee Endowment Fund


Middle School at Parkside, Books for Brilliance - $2,000.00 from the Kellogg Foundation Youth Advisory Committee Endowment Fund


Region 2 Area Agency on Aging, Community Educational Program Coordinator - $5,000.00


Southeastern Dispute Resolution Services, 4th Street Learning Center Restorative Justice Workshop - $8,000.00


Student Advocacy Center of Michigan, Early Truancy Intervention Program - $16,500.00.  In addition, $3,000.00 from the Kellogg Foundation Youth Advisory Committee Endowment Fund


United Center for Caring, Jackson Projects Community Table - $3,000.00



2015 Round 1 - Community Grant Awards Under $5,000 (Organization, Program and Amount Awarded)
Cascades Humane Society, Paw Playground Improvement at Cascades Humane Society  -  $1,220.00 
Compassionate Ministries of Jackson County,  After School Backpack Program  -  $1,720.00
Grass Lake Charter Township, Grass Lake Senior Center Chair Exercise Equipment  -  $1,720.00 
Greater Jackson Habitat for Humanity, A Brush with Kindness Event - Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative - $2,220.00
Jackson Personal Care Ministry, Gap Ministry Support - $1,720.00 
Jackson Schools of the Arts, It StARTS Here: Outreach -  $2,220.00 
Jackson Storyfest, Jackson Storyfest 2015 - $2,220.00
Rise Above, Year #1 - $1,720.00 
Student Advocacy Center of Michigan      
Youth Voice - T.A. Wilson Academy, $2,220.00 

2015 Round 2 - Community Grant Awards Over $5,000 (Organization, Program and Amound Awarded)
Alzheimer's Association, Jackson Early Stage Social Engagement Start-Up - $6,000.00
AWARE, Inc., Trauma Counseling - $17,465.00
Community Action Agency, Getting Ahead in a Just Gettin' By World - $5,000.00
Concord School Linked Health Center, Start-Up - $5,000.00
Ella Sharp Museum of Art & History, Karen Dunigan Community HeART Project - $895.61.  In addition, $1,104.39 from the Arts & Cultural Endowment Fund.
Family Service & Children's Aid, Protecting Vulnerable Adults - $8,000.00
Felician Children's Center Scholarships for Childre, in the Drop-Off Care Classroom - $5,000.00 
First United Methodist Church Community Food Ministry - $5,000.00
Imagine Planet, Start-Up - $2,100.00 
Jackson County Parks & Recreation, Sparks Park/Inter-City Trail Connector - $24,989.42.  In addition, $2,475.58 from the Dorothy Johnson Blakely Endowment Fund
Jackson Makerspace, Facilities LED Lighting & Security Update  -  $500.00
Jackson School of the Arts, Room to Grow - $5,000.00
Junior Achievement of the Michigan Edge    Reality Fair "Making it Real" - 8,893.60.  In addition,  $543.40 from the Jackson County Promise to Youth Endowment Fund 
Lumen Christi Catholic School - Human Performance Lab - $3,000.00 
Nonprofit Network, Improve Relationships between Law Enforcement & Citizens, $3,694.09.  In addition, $3,082.91 from the African American Community Endowment Fund 
Rise Above, Looking Forward, $10,000.00 
Student Advocacy Center, Early Truancy Intervention, $4,000.00 
United Methodist Retirement Communities, Thome PACE - Rec Therapy Program, $5,000.00 

2015 “Love Your Community” Minigrants - $500 unless otherwise stated (Organization, Program and Amount Awarded) 
Concord Community Schools, Concord Village & Township, Downtown Beautification, $500.00 
Disabled American Veterans, William Sparks Chapter #10, DAV Hall Rehab, $500.00 
Imagine Planet, Imagine Planet Summer Science Programs, $500.00 
Center for Women, Fatherhood Program, $500.00 
Western Youth League, Bringing Baseball Back to Parma, $500.00 
Fitness Council of Jackson, Free Fitness Fridays, $500.00 
Catholic Charities of Jackson, Lenawee & Hillsdale Counties, Provide Help and Create Hope, $500.00 
Region 2 Area Agency on Aging , Table-Top Gardens, $500.00 
Jackson County Health Department, Bloom with Us at Loomis, $500.00 
Together We Can Make a Difference, Community Flowers/Vegetable Garden, $500.00


2014 Round 1 - Community Grant Awards Under $5,000
Together We Can Make A Difference,The Big Seed Community Garden Fair & Community Gardens, $4,825.00
Greater Jackson Habitat for Humanity, Building Self-Sufficient Homeowners and Productive Volunteers, $1,000.00
Arts and Cultural Alliance, of Jackson County Advancing Jackson 2020: Arts, Culture and Recreation, $2,000.00
Junior Achievement of the Michigan Edge, Inc., JA "Drives Career Success", $3,683.69
Nonprofit Network, "Bridges Out of Poverty" Training, $3,897.00
Enterprise Group Community Ventures Corporation, Girl M-Powered, $4,250.00

2014 Round 2 - Community Grants Awards Over $5,000
A.R.E. Inc. of Jackson, Bed-Bug Reduction and Elimination, Among People with Mental Illness, $5,000.00
AWARE, Inc., Sexual Assault Comprehensive Services, $15,000.00
Community Action Agency, Getting Ahead in a Just-Gettin' By World, $7,000.00
Family Service and Children's Aid, Juvenile Diversion Truancy Enhancement, $8,000.00
Jackson County 
Parks & Recreation, Cascades Renovation, Phase 1, $25,000.00
Jackson Friendly Home, Healthy Senior Women Living in a Safe & Supportive Care Home Environment, $15,000.00
John George Home, Building Renovations, $10,000.00 
Junior Achievement of the Michigan Edge, JA "Personal Finance",  $5,000.00 
Legal Services of South Central Michigan, Homeless Prevention - Mediation / Eviction Diversion Program, $16,000.00 
Nonprofit Network, Accessible, Quick, Low Cost, Quality Professional Development, $5,000.00 
Region 2 Area Agency on Aging, Assistive Technology Program, $8,000.00 
Southeastern Dispute Resolution Services, Special Education Facilitation & Mediation Promotion, $4,000.00 


2014 Round 3 - Community Grant Awards Under $5,000      
Amen 4 Youth, Lyrical Education Alternative Literacy Project, $2,340.00
College and Career Access Center, Incentives Increase Awareness, $3,233.20
Dahlem Conservancy Maintain the Dahlem Environment through Regular, Planned Controlled Burns,  $4,676.80 
Fitness Council of Jackson, Website Development and Content Collaboration, $1,500.00
Grass Lake Charter Township, Grass Lake Sports and Trails Park Playstructure, $4,250.00
Jackson County Health Department, Toy Talker Playgroups, $2,500.00
Save Our Youth, After School Programs, $1,500.00

2014 “Love Your Community” Minigrants - $500 Awards unless otherwise stated
Boy Scouts of America Southern Shores Field Service Council, Spring Meadows Retirement Village Memorial Labyrinth, $500
Center for Women, Learn and Earn, $500.00
City of Jackson, Parks, Recreation & Grounds, Little Free City Libraries, $500.00
Clark Lake Spirit Trail, Continued Improvement, $500.00
Columbia Baseball Softball Association, Concession Stand Rehab, $500.00
Eagle Scout Project, Landscaping the Coe House Museum, $500.00
Hanover-Horton Middle School, Blooming Comets - Gardens at Hanover-Horton, $500.00
Honey Bee Rescue of Jackson, Honey Bee Rescue 2014, $500.00
Paragon Charter Academy, Salmon Run, $500.00
Region 2 Area Agency on Aging, Flowers for Seniors, $500.00

2013 Round 1 - Community Grant Awards under $5,000      
Allegiance Health Foundation, Halo Sleep Sacks for In-Hospital Use, $2,500.00
Food Bank of South, Central Michigan, Hunger in America 2014, $1,500.00
Highfields, CareFULL Camp Project, $4,589.00
Jackson County Intermediate School District, Middle School Challenge Project, $2,500.00
The Dahlem Conservancy, Nature for All Trail, $4,500.00
United Way of Jackson County, Central Michigan 2-1-1, Serving Jackson County, $2,000.00

2013 Round 2 - Community Grant Awards Over $5,000
Big Brothers Big Sisters, Michigan Center's Energizing Education, Start-Up Program for 2013/14, $8,000.00 
Catholic Charities of Jackson, Jackson County Child Advocacy Center, 

Family Service and Children's Aid, Protecting Our Vulnerable Adults - FSCA's Adult Guardianship Program, $10,000.00 
Fitness Council of Jackson, Active Living Youth, $5,000.00 
House of New Beginnings, Safe Place Outreach, $5,000.00 
Jackson County, Intermediate School District Imagination Library-Early Literacy Enhancement (Great Start Collaborative), $3,000.00 
Jackson School of the Arts, Start-Up Children's Theater Program, $7,950.00 
Legal Services  of South Central Michigan, Homeless Prevention-Mediation Pilot Project/Eviction Diversion Program, $12,033.19 
LifeWays, Mental Health First Aid, $8,000.00 
Nonprofit Network, Moving Nonprofits Forward-Building Diverse and Inclusive Organizations, $7,780.00 
Spring Arbor University, Lights, Camera, Chemical Reactions! $5,500.00
The Shop Rat Foundation, Inc.,The Shop Rat Education Program: Innovative Solutions Project, $5,000.00 
United Way of Jackson County fiduciary for SE Dispute Resolution Services, Suspension and Expulsion Reduction Project, $7,500.00 
United Way of Jackson County, Energizing Education, $13,000.00


Round 3 - Community Grant Awards Under $5,000
Allegiance Health Foundation, hinkFirst Jackson for Kids and Teens, $1,000.00
Community Action Agency, Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program (VITA) , 

Equestrian Outreach Center, Small Barn Project, $4,400.00
Marriage Matters Jackson, 
Marriage Restoration Workshops, $4,000.00
Michigan Shakespeare Festival, MSF Educational Outreach Programs in Jackson County, 
YMCA  Pedaling for Parkinson's Program, $2,350.00

2013 “Love Your Community” Minigrants, $500 unless otherwise noted
Center for Women, Learn & Earn, $500.00
City of Jackson Parks & Recreation, Lions Park Swing Set Rehab, $500.00
Columbia Middle School, Pay It Forward Fridays, $500.00
Compassionate Ministries of Jackson County, Lyle Torrent and Kit Young Center's Prom, $500.00
Fitness Council of Jackson (Armory Bike Union), Mobile Bike Lab, $500.00
Hanover-Horton Middle School, Blooming Comets, $500.00, (for Jackson Victory Gardens) The Water Project, $500.00
Jackson Public Schools, Soccer Complex, $500.00
Napoleon Summer, Baseball League Eby Elementary, Baseball Field Improvements, $500.00
Parma Elementary, Leader in Me, $500.00


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