Grants Opportunities for:

Classroom Teachers, School Districts and Students

YAC's Mini-Grant program awards up to $300 to K-12 classrooms.  Accepting applications from students October through March.

YAC Mental Health Grant

Youth mental health concerns are a significant issue for the youth of Jackson County, therefore, YAC will conduct a grant round focusing only on youth mental health projects. 

Grant Amounts:   Up to $3,000 

Deadline:  No longer accepting applications.

Teachers Fund

The Teachers Fund is dedicated to rewarding creative and innovative K-12 classroom educational projects.

Grant Amounts:  Up to $3,000  

Deadline: July 10, 2019


Community Impact

A broad range of grants consistent with our "Grantmaking Guidelines" and "Community Investment Priorities." 

Grant Amounts:  Up to $20,000

Letter of Intent Deadline:  August 26, 2019

I Love My Community 

For Jackson County's classrooms and school districts.

Grant Amounts:   TBA

Deadline:  TBA

IMPORTANT: We do not grant to individuals except for scholarships.  If you are a graduating student or college student, please refer to the scholarship tab

Jackson Community Foundation

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