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Create YOUR Fund,

Create YOUR Legacy.


Our Funds are tailored to you and what you wish to accomplish. We have options from having no involvement at all to more hands-on involvement in grantmaking.  It's your choice.  And whatever you choose, ALL funds provide the opportunity to create a lasting legacy that carries on your name or the name of a loved one.

Individually Managed Fund
Community Needs Fund

Do you want to simplify your giving while multiplying your impact?

Consider the Community Needs Fund.

Did you know there is an option to retain your Investment Advisor?

Gifts of $250,000 or more may qualify for an Individually Managed Fund allowing you to keep your investment advisor while getting the tax advantages and resources at a community foundation.  Please refer to our Individually Managed Funds Policy. If you have any questions, we would be happy to set up a personal meeting. Please call the office or email us today! 


Charitable Remainder Trust

Charitable Remainder Trust...Receive income for life and help your community! 

Cash, property, or other assets are used to fund the trust. The trust pays the donor, or a designated beneficiary, regular income payments for life. The donor receives an immediate tax deduction for the present value of the gift. The remainder of the trust transfers to JCF upon the donor’s death to create an endowment fund. The principle of the fund is never spent and earnings are used to make grants to the community, forever! 

Which fund is right for me? Not all funds are alike.  Check out our Fund Options! 

Deciding to give...  Our Giving Worksheet can help lead you to your philanthropic goals. 


The Carter Wickwire Society - Caring for our Community's Future

JCF was founded in 1948 with two special gifts.  During World War II, the families of Lt. John L. Carter and Pfc. John Gilbert Wickwire donated proceeds from the life insurance policies in the name of their sons, both of whom lost their lives in battle, to ultimately form the Jackson Community Foundation.

The Carter and Wickwire families understood the importance of planning for the future and creating a legacy for their families.  By naming the Jackson Community Foundation in your will, you can join a distinctive list of individuals and families who are doing the same. 

Donor Advised Fund

John and Lisa Butterfield

Susan Diebold
Georgia and Travis Fojtasek
Jim and Joyce Grace

Mr. Richard Allen Iverson

Matthew D. and Sharon A. Augustine
Jody Bacon
Mary Baird
Jackie and Jerry Booth

Carole Briggs and John Briggs

Mary Theresa Mills Family

R. Dale Moretz
Monica Moser and Steven Trosin
Chad Noble

Hendrik Schuur

Drs. James P. and Wendelyn A. Serino

Richard Sigers
Al Spiess, Jr.

Sandra Svoboda
Ric Walton
Carlene Walz Lefere

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