Equity and Inclusion

Our Journey Statement


Jackson County is comprised of a population of different racial and ethnic groups, religions, perspectives, and all ages, life circumstances, and sexual orientations. The Jackson Community Foundation believes that this diversity of our community is a defining element of our community identity and becoming one of our greatest strengths.


The people of Jackson County will only feel and act as members of one community that is something greater than the sum of its diverse parts to the extent that they feel connected to one another. This sense of connection can only exist in an environment where all feel that we are respected, accepted, and treated with dignity. As a community, we all hope for opportunities to build successful lives, and to feel supported by others in meeting our challenges and celebrating our successes. This sense of connection requires that the people of our community have opportunities to spend time together, build relationships, and ultimately understand and empathize with one another.


Inequities persist in our community, as they do in the broader society. We know that we must dismantle the structural and cultural barriers to individual opportunity and achievement. Additionally, people in our community are implicitly and explicitly judged by their race, ethnicity, religion, age, life circumstance, or sexual orientation, without regard to their character or their contribution.


In order to fully serve our community and to promote the sense of connection to one another, we are committed to real change within our organization and throughout our community. Real change is seldom easy to achieve and it requires strong unwavering leadership, and the open participation and voices of all community members to make this goal a success.


It is for all these reasons that embracing diversity and inclusion and advancing equity are core values of the Jackson Community Foundation.