College Access Center of Jackson, Inc. Administrative Fund

Donna Ruth Camp Administrative Endowment Fund

JCF Administrative Endowment Fund

JCF Operations Fund JCF Operating Reserve Fund


Administrative Endowment Funds are used to assist in covering the operational expenses of the Jackson Community Foundation. Gifts to this fund receive a standard charitable deduction.

Agency Endowment Funds allow nonprofit organizations to establish a sustainable form of funding to stabilize budget fluctuations. The minimum contribution to establish an Agency Fund is $10,000.


President's Discretionary Fund

The Aldythe M. Parsons Administrative Fund

TLC - Lavery Family Endowment Fund

Uvonne Yeager Administrative Endowment Fund

Allegiance Hospice Endowment Fund
Aware Shelter, Inc. Endowment Fund
Ben Trumbull: Exchange Club of Jackson Fund for the Council for the Prevention

of Child Abuse and Neglect
Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Jackson County
Breakout Drug Education Program, Inc. Endowment Fund
Cascades and Frost School Library Endowment Fund
Cascades Humane Society Endowment Fund
Center for Family Health Endowment Fund
Community Action Agency Jackson County Endowment Fund
Dahlem Conservancy Endowment Fund
disAbility Connections Foundation of Jackson County Endowment Fund
Ella Sharp Museum Agency Endowment Fund
Family Service and Children's Aid Endowment Fund
First Congregational Church UCC of Jackson Endowment Fund
Food Bank of South Central Michigan, Inc. Endowment Fund
Friends of Jackson Seniors, Inc. Endowment Fund
Golf Hall of Fame Endowment Fund 
Ken Douglas Teach the Children Endowment Sub Fund



Great Lakes Hospice Endowment Fund


Great Start Early Childhood Fund
Hanover Horton Area Historical Society Endowment Fund
Highfields, Inc. Endowment Fund
Jackson County Daffodil Society Endowment Fund
Jackson Friendly Home Endowment Fund
Jackson Interfaith Shelter Endowment Fund
Jackson Symphony Orchestra Endowment Fund
Jackson YMCA Endowment Fund
Lily Mission Center Endowment Fund
Michigan Theatre of Jackson, Inc. Endowment Fund 
Nonprofit Network/George W. Romney Endowment Fund
SCMW - Jennifer Trudeau Apprenticeship Scholarship Endowment Fund
Shirley Pascal Endowment Fund to End Domestic Violence
Teen Health Center at Parkside Endowment Fund
United Way of Jackson County Endowment Fund
Waterloo Area Historical Society Endowment Fund

Donor Advised Funds allow donors to become active grantmakers, recommending grants for specific organizations to the JCF Board of Trustees for approval. The minimum contribution to establish a Donor Advised Fund is $10,000.

The Booth Family Fund

Cascades Restoration Project Endowment Fund

The Christoff Family Community Fund

Country Club of Jackson Charitable Endowment Fund

Florence E. Shaneour Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund

Sandra S. and Robert D. Craft Family Endowment Fund

Dirlam Family Endowment Fund

The Grace Family Charitable Fund

Great Lakes Works Endowment Fund

The John and Marilyn Guidinger Historic Preservation Endowment Fund

Hancock Endowment Fund

Bucky Harris Memorial Endowment Fund

JXN Flight Endowment Fund

The Jackson County Medical Society Endowment Fund

Jackson Young Professionals Endowment Fund

Dorothy Johnson Blakely Endowment Fund




E. Marlin and Evelyne A. Jones and Extended Family Endowment Fund

Tony and Bonnie Krupa Family Endowment Fund

Dale S. LeCrone LeMatic Fund

Dorothy Levy Literacy Endowment Fund

Men's Garden Club of Jackson Horticultural Fund

Olive Merlin and Jacqueline Dulworth Scholarship Endowment Fund

David J. Ogle II Memorial Endowment Fund

James P. Syrek Memorial Sub Fund

Jeanne A. Ollhoff Educational Endowment Fund

Martha Pfund Children's Dental Endowment Fund

Robinson Family Endowment Fund

The Robert K. and Marilyn J. Rozell Endowment Fund

Samuel Higby and Margaret H. Camp Fund

The Allen E. Spiess, Jr. Endowment Fund

The Officer James D. Bonneau Child Advocacy Fund

The Patricia Stinson Trosin Endowment Fund

Eric B. Walton Family Endowment Fund

Walz Family Endowment Fund

Donor Designated Funds provide income to organizations or programs specified by the donor at the time the fund is established. The minimum contribution to establish a Donor Designated Fund is $20,000.

Betty Dahlem Endowment Fund

Jim and Dorothy Blanchard Teacher's Education Endowment Fund

Cascades Falls Maintenance Endowment Fund

Chris Brian Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Craft Fund

Marion S. Grattan Memorial Parks Endowment Fund

Hopkins, Jennings, Shaw Salvation Army Memorial Endowment Fund

Jackson County Catholic Education Endowment Fund

L. Richard and Sandra Schneider Sub Fund

Jackson County Health Plan Corporation Endowment Fund



Jackson County Parks Association Endowment Fund

Jackson Parks, Recreation and Grounds Department Recreation Program Fund

Jeannie Inman Memorial Endowment for disAbility Connections, Inc.

Joan & George Schroeder Memorial Fund for the United Center for Caring (UCC)

Michigan Coalition of Essential Schools Endowment Fund

Unterkircher - Cascades Humane Society Endowment Fund

Unterkircher - Catholic Social Services Endowment Fund

Unterkircher - Hospice of Jackson Endowment Fund

Unterkircher - Interfaith Shelter of Jackson Endowment Fund

Unterkircher - Y-Center of Jackson Endowment Fund

Field of Interest Funds allow donors to focus their giving in a particular field of interest with theoption of creating advisory panels to make recommendations on grant requests.The minimum contribution to establish a Field of Interest Fund is $20,000.

African American Community Endowment Fund

Arts & Cultural Endowment Fund

College Access Network Partnership Fund

Consumers Energy Endowment Fund

General Education Endowment Fund

General Environmental Endowment Fund

Healthy Youth/Healthy Seniors Endowment Fund





Jackson County's Promise to Youth Endowment Fund

The Jackson Literary and Art Association Fund

JCF Historic Preservation Fund

Kellogg Foundation Youth Advisory Committee Endowment Fund

MACI Youth Endowment Fund

Teachers Endowment Fund


Named Unrestricted Funds are established by JCF whenever a gift of $5,000 or more is made by a living donor or received through a bequest (except in the case of donors who wish to remain anonymous). These funds ensure the donor’s generosity is remembered in perpetuity.


Addison P. Cook, III Foundation Fund

Robert W. Hancock Endowment Fund

Mary A. Heglund Endowment Fund

Dennis & Diana Hill Endowment Fund

Harriet M. Howard Endowment Fund

Peter F. Hurst Endowment Fund

Mary C. Ingram Endowment Fund

Jackson Citizen Patriot Literacy Endowment Fund

Electa W. Kendall Endowment Fund

Clara T. Lamont Endowment Fund

Rena B. Ludlow Endowment Fund

Alexander and Margaret L. MacDonald Memorial Endowment Fund

Robert A., Sr. and Annetta Martin Memorial Endowment Fund

Alexander McDonald Endowment Fund

Herman E. Morisse Endowment Fund

Dorothy Navle Endowment Fund


Frances Ballard Niederle Endowment Fund

William and Marian Ogden Endowment Fund

Aldythe M. Parsons Endowment Fund

Earl W. Peterson Endowment Fund

Nathan and Marjorie Rosenfeld Family Endowment Fund

Elwin T. Ruffner Endowment Fund

The Schalhamer Named Unrestricted Fund

Stuart M. Schram Endowment Fund

Vi and Bill Sigmund Endowment Fund

Alice Soderberg Endowment Fund

Herbert E. Spieler Endowment Fund

Paula L. Teer Endowment Fund

Myrle I. Tilford Endowment Fund

John Munro Traynor Endowment Fund

Billie Jo Unterkircher Endowment Fund

Uvonne Yeager Memorial Endowment Fund

Justin R. Whiting Endowment Fund

Scholarship Funds are established to support the pursuit of higher education in Jackson County.  Eligibility requirements and selection criteria are determined by the donor.The minimum contribution to establish a Scholarship Fund is $50,000.




Larry and Janet Anto Scholarship Endowment Fund

Ruth L. Creps Scholarship Endowment Fund

Michael Richard Leland Easter Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund

Melissa Eleanor Ernest Scholarship Endowment Fund


Jackson Legacy Endowed Scholarship Fund

Dena McLeod Scholarship Fund - Sub Fund of the Jackson Legacy Endowment Fund

Jackson Education Endowment Scholarship Sub Fund





Lucille E. McGee Scholarship Endowment Fund


Michigan Center High School Alumni Scholarship Endowment Fund


Janet C. Rochefort Scholarship Endowment Fund for Single Moms


Alex Scott Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund













The Jackson High School Scholarship Endowment Fund



School District Agency Funds allow schools to establish a sustainable form of funding for district programs and scholarships. The minimum contribution to establish and Agency Fund is $10,000.

East Jackson Educational Endowment Fund
Educational Foundation for Columbia Schools Fund
Grass Lake Educational Endowment Fund
Hanover Horton Educational Endowment Fund
Jackson Education Endowment Fund
JACC Jared Zenz Memorial Fund
JCISD-JACC Staff Memorial Fund

          JCISD-JACC Patrick Carney II Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund

           JCISD-JACC Zach Pace Memorial Sub Fund
          JCISD-JACC Michael Furtwangler Memorial Endowment Scholarship Sub Fund
          JCISD-JACC Hollie Riggs Agriscience Memorial Fund,

                       Jackson Area Career Center,FFA


Michigan Center School District Education Fund
           Orville C. and Mary E. McLaury Endowment Sub Fund          
           Stephanie Tallis Greenhouse Endowment Sub Fund
Napoleon Educational Endowment Fund
Northwest Educational Endowment Fund
Stockbridge Endowment Fund
           Thomas D. Basore, Sr. Sub Fund
           Neil T. and Rosella M. McCleer Education Fund
           Helen B. Mitteer Memorial Scholarship Fund
           Munith-Fitchburg Veterans Memorial Scholarship Fund
Vandercook Lake Schools Educational Endowment Fund
           Michael White Memorial Scholarship Fund 
           Zelma W. Rifkin Scholarship Endowment Fund

Special Project Funds

Jackson County Imagination Library Program Fund

Kellogg YAC Operating Fund

Cascades Non-endowed Special Project Fund

Jackson Community Foundation

100 S. Jackson Street, Suite 206B

Jackson, Michigan 49201

Ph: (517) 787-1321


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Philip Guy Richardson Scholarship

The Phillip Guy Richardson Memorial Scholarship is awarded each year to a graduating senior of Napoleon High School. The award recognizes exceptional high school and college achievement in academics, citizenship and extracurricular activity. Phillip Richardson was a 1953 graduate of Napoleon High School. He excelled in all sports ... basketball, football, baseball, and track. He was a team player whose leadership was an inspiration to his teammates.