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So All Youth Can Play Sports Grant Round

This grant round made possible by the Wirebaugh Family Youth Sports Fund. "Our family has always been active in sports, both participating and watching, and feel these activities contribute to becoming a successful, well-rounded person.  It helps keep kids out of trouble and some companies like to hire those kids who have played sports because they have learned how to get along with others and become team players." -The Wirebaugh Family

ELIGIBILITY:  We are seeking grant proposals that support youth (up to age 18) of Jackson County, Michigan in their active participation in Summer or Fall sports, whether organized by schools, youth leagues, or local nonprofits.  These grants are intended to help youth to participate in sports who may not otherwise be able to afford to play.


Grant Amount: Up to $500

Deadline: Summer - Fall Sports: April 8th at 5PM

                  Winter - Spring Sports: November 4th at 5PM   

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