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2021 Racial Equity Grant Round


The Jackson Community Foundation, in partnership with Henry Ford Allegiance Health’s Health Improvement Organization, will award a total of $100,000.00 in Racial Equity Grants that tackle the following three root causes of systemic racism in Jackson County, Michigan:    


  • Services and policies are not equitable and do not benefit black, indigenous, and other people of color (BIPOC).

  • BIPOC community members do not trust service providers.

  • Service systems are not easy for BIPOC to navigate.


These root causes were identified by hundreds of Jackson Collaborative Network members including local educators, business leaders, social service providers, residents with lived experience, physical and mental health providers, philanthropy and local elected officials.  To see the list of all 14 root causes, click here.


Proposals should focus on efforts that impact a community, neighborhood, city ward, village, township, or the entire county.  We are not seeking proposals that only impact a single organization or address the symptoms of racism by implementing services, programming and/or information resources.  Instead, funded proposals will implement changes intended to permanently alter conditions so that systems are equitable for BIPOC residents of Jackson County, Michigan. 

Local Data

For local data regarding how disparities negatively impact the health and overall well-being of Jackson County’s BIPOC residents, especially those living within the City of Jackson, as compared to White residents, please review the following local reports:


  • Jackson County Collaborative's 2019 Community Assessment


  • Community Action Agency's 2019 Community Needs Assessment


  • 2-1-1 of Central Michigan's 2020 Annual Community Report

​2020 Grant Recipients

  • College and Career Access Center: Student Anti-Racism Coalition $7,500.00

  • Cross Cultural Workgroup Year 2 - Conversation Workgroup Expansion $10,000.00

  • Dungytreei Heritage Foundation: Project ONE $15,000.00

  • Ella Sharp Museum: Through the Eyes of a Child - Conversations About Racism $3,550.00

  • Family Service & Children's Aid: Black Life's Experience $15,000.00

  • Many Hands Community Services: Launchpad:  Local/Neighborhood Based Business Incubator $15,000.00

  • My Brother's Keeper: Jackson Chapter of My Brother's Keeper$10,000.00

  • Nonprofit Network: Supporting Black-Led Nonprofits $15,000.00

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