Tackling Systemic Racism Grant Round

The Jackson Community Foundation, in partnership with the Henry Ford Allegiance Health’s Health Improvement Organization, is announcing a Racial Equity Grant Round.  This grant application will support systemic change in Jackson County, Michigan.  Our goal is to focus on the root causes of racism.  We seek to permanently dismantle the racist barriers that are embedded in our local policies and practices...read more



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Deadline:  By 5 PM on Monday, October 19, 2020


Grant Amount:  We are not limiting the amount an applicant can request, however, we intend to invest in multiple strategies.  The total amount available in this grant round is $83,000.00.


Eligible to Apply:  We are accepting grant proposals from any nonprofit organization, community/grassroots organization, coalition, governmental entity, church, school … really any organization seeking funds to dismantle systemic racism in Jackson County, Michigan


Informational Session

For more information , please contact Dana Ashlock, Program Director, at 517-787-1321 or email dashlock@jacksoncf.org

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