2020 Community Impact Grants

In 2020, there will be one Community Impact Grant round for requests up to $20,000.  Community Impact Grant proposals are reviewed by the JCF Grants Committee and, when appropriate, the Youth Advisory Committee (YAC).  Through our online system, applicants must first submit a Letter of Intent (LOI) briefly describing the proposed project.  Among other things, this allows the JCF Grants Committee and/or YAC to determine if the project is consistent with our Grantmaking Guidelines and aligns with our Community Investment Priorities.  Based on these reviews, some organizations are invited to submit a full grant application.  Grants are awarded based on review scores and discussions by the JCF Grants Committee and/or YAC.  JCF staff are liaisons between grant applicants and granting committees and do not have a vote in grant decisions. 

Grant Amount: Up to $20,000


Eligible Applicants: 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations, school districts, churches and units of government benefiting Jackson County, Michigan

Letter of Intent Deadline: TBD in August 2020

Full Grant Application Deadline for those invited to submit a full application: Due by 5 PM on October 19, 2020


Award Announcement:  By the end of November 2020

Application & 

Supporting Documents:

General Grant Application Documentation

  • Project Narrative (which may include a Program Logic Model)

  • Project Budget and Budget Narrative

  • List of the organization’s governing board and their affiliations, and Conflict of Interest Policy

  • Letters of support 

  • Organization’s current annual operating budget 

  • Most recent Annual Audit or Form 990

Grant Resources

Community Investment Priorities

Strong Individuals & Families - Promoting Stability and Independence

Education – Promoting Educational Readiness & Success

Healthy People – Partnering to Improve Community & Personal Responsibility in our Health 

Environmental Quality – Preserving & Enhancing our Natural Resources for the Benefit of All

Economic Prosperity – Developing Resources that allow our Community to Thrive

Art, Culture & Recreation – Building a Spirit of Community


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For more information: 

Contact Dana Ashlock, Program Director at 517-787-1321 or dashlock@jacksoncf.org

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